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Global Activation


Light Language Activation
for Personal and Planetary Evolution

Does Life seem to be changing so dramatically you can't keep up?  

Are you moving through radical transformation and change in your relationships, jobs, and personal passion and your trying to find clarity?

Do you have a deep desire to support and help humanity?

Do you want an opportunity to better understand and help your children?

Do you want to deepen more into your feminine energy and find balance?

Does the old way of doing things no longer work and your not sure what to do now?

Are you experiencing Ascension symptoms and need support?

Are you a sensitive/empathic individual? And the sensitivity is overwhelming?

Don't're not alone!

Your Soul has guided you here by no mistake... Its the deeper higher-self wisdom calling you home into the REMEMBRANCE of your interconnected self with the greater universe. And when you join the Global Activation Community you will receive
the support,
and love
to help you move through and create the new earth and the new way!!

We are in a radical time of transformation where the old is falling away and we are being asked to step more fully into our authentic and passion driven purpose.
Are you Ready?

Light Language Transmissions are the original universal language of the heart and soul calling you back home into the understanding and remembrance of who you really are. A perfect divine being of light.  The sound and vibrations that are channeled through activate DNA and light codes stored in the system to assist your consciousness in awakening into deeper levels of unity, peace, love and understanding for others. When we embody these principals we infuse these frequencies onto the planet and support the expansion of global awakening.  These frequencies also support the body in receiving higher and new vibrations of light, and when these light streams move through it clears the stored electro-magnetic imprinting of the cells from past traumas and pain so we can live more expanded in our thinking, being, and doing.  

Join the Global Activation CommUnity

and heres what you'll get!

  • A live call and Healing on the 2nd Tuesday of every month 5pm (PST)  
This call includes a channeled message from the beings of light with interactive questions and answers plus a group activation healing with light language and vocal sound resonance​ ( this is on line and will be recorded for those who can't make the live call.)
  • Weekly light language recordings
These transmissions are here to support the body, mind, and spirit in integrating new light codes and frequencies to accelerate and support your personal healing and awakening process
  • A Global Activation Private FB page for additional Support and community growth
  • Exclusive invitations to be a part of Collective Consciousness Healing Calls to help heal the planet
  • Monthly Special offers and Discounts on Private Healing Session, Retreats, and Courses only available to Global Activation Members and SO MUCH MORE!!!
Who is this group for?
  • Those who want to create more abundance, love, divine partnerships, and prosperity in their lives.
  • Light workers, Coaches, Healers, Evolutionary Change Agents, Care Takers, Parents, Grandparents, Children,  Millennials, Empaths, or any individual who needs a little extra love during this time of transformation
  • Those looking to deepen and embody into their Personal Power
  • Those who are ready to step into the light and be accountable for how they want to show up in the world
  • Those who need a little extra support during transitions and changes that may be happening in their lives
  • Those who may struggle with depression, anxiety, addictions, eating disorders etc. 
  • Those looking to awaken deeper into their infinite potential and divine purpose
  •  For those who feel alone and want to find a like minded community of activated spiritual leaders, doers, and be’ers of awakening
  • Those looking for mentorship and healing into the new frequencies
  • And, those looking to learn more about the frequency of who they are and how they interact with the greater universe so they can live and be in the creation of their unique expression in the world with ease and grace.

Aloha I'm Yemanya

I am so excited for you to be here today!

I have been dedicated to helping individuals align to their true infinite nature and guiding them into the new paradigm of Unity Consciousness for over 15 years, working in the field of health and wellness for over 2 decades and have been channeling light language for 17 years. I  believes that when we live in alignment with the divine blue print of why we are here, we move in ultimate freedom and in complete harmony with creation.  This is one of the keys to bringing peace to the planet.  I am here to supporting adults and children back to their original essence of divine light through healing and education so we can “Birth A New Humanity”

Join the Community

  • Full Immersion VIP

    Every month
    Take it to the next Level Healing
    • 1 Monthly Private 30 min. Light Language Healing Session
    • Monthly On Line Class
Join the Community
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