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Solar Stroms, Full Moon, and Introspection. Mid- May Message

Aloha my friends.

I just wanted to touch base about this great full moon in Scorpio that we are having plus some solar storms that we just recently went through that may give some explanation to some of the moody and downright crazy emotional processes that people have been reporting to me. For me, when I go though these solar storms its literally like putting me into a micro wave oven and it feel like my brain is being radiated. Not so fun, and incredibly ungrounding. So first word of advice for everyone one right now, regardless of your state of mind... Go get out into nature. Find a way to get on a hike, a gentle walk...or just touch a tree. "There’s this deep connection between 7.83 Hz alpha state in the brain and the geomagnetic frequency from the core of the Earth. It aligns our hearts, and all the systems in our body. This is the same frequency as the main geomagnetic pulse. All the key systems in the body come into entrainment. They are all beating in unison. Synchronized. Health is coherence. When all of your body is connected and working together." (PEMF). And this is sometimes what is really called for. Finding the coherence in ourselves to synchronize with the earth and use her as our stability in the midst of change and transition.

Change is the big key during this period of time. Let me be clear. I feel like the ascension has already happened. We are literally just in the "catch up" or acclimation phase that is allowing us to harmonize into this new frequency. As often stated "we can't take the old with us". So we are literally birthing through a field of light particles that are scrubbing us clean. OH GOODY!! (A bit of sarcasm here) And what that means is that all the old patterns, feelings, harbored emotions from past transgressions are coming up for us to look at. And we are literally in place where we can't run away from it or ignore it. It will be in our face in a big way and will be beyond uncomfortable and downright nasty to our systems if we refuse to do the work. Anything that's not in alignment must burn, peel, purge and melt from us, making us like human rubber bands being stretched and pulled in many directions. Does anyone else feel that way??? But what this is also doing is clearing the way for our perspective to shift. For our gaze to move through thinner filters of reality and start to engage with life and community in a different way.

So, this full moon has a very introspective energy. Its our time to go internal and start to look at those things in our lives that need to go. Or reevaluate our perspective now that we have released certain stories. Its not so much about what you are doing, but HOW are you doing it. Is "this" still working or is there something that can shift so that a new, more aligned way can manifest in your life? When we take the time to do this, and not try to escape or hide from the shadows, more ease and grace and general flow can enter your life because you won't be competing with the old system but aligning into the new. Sometimes its not always ease, but another recommendation is to continue to speak with your higher self, guides, Gods, galactic beings and so forth to bring about change with ease and grace. Ask for support in your perspective to find the joy and gratitude for every experience you may be having. In doing so you melt away the duality of something being bad or wrong but can expand to the bigger picture, dislodging from the personal and emotional investment, and sink deeper into the heart of knowing perfection in every moment.

So, these are the practices for the month to bring about more peace, harmony, and connection to the heart during this phase. 1. Take time to be with yourself and deal with what ever arises 2. Don't run from it but be with it... melt it, peel it, burn it away so that you can see through new eyes 3. Ask for help and assistant from the greater energy force and don't forget to use nature as your stabilizer.

You got this!!!

Happy full moon and Aloha Yemanya

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