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May Message from Beings of Light-Slowing down into Presence

(Channeled writing)

What would you like to tell my friend this month?

Greetings from the Beings of Light.  It is a pleasure to be here and glad you asked.  So many of you are preoccupied, stuck in the mind of wondering but never finding answers because you don’t stop.  You don't stop to feel the sensations of the earth around, smell the scents that bloom in your yard, nor do you hear the peace and silence between the noises.  You move from place to place.  Movement... movement...movement.  And if its not the body in motion it is the mind in motion with projections into the future about troublesome issues that aren't even really here and/or diving into other peoples drama so you don't have to be with your own.  You distract.  Plugging into things like social media, You Tube videos, and TV, that disassociate you from being in consciousness with your own process.  These all throw you out of the presence of what is really alive in the now moment.

Motion.  Life is motion.  As the stars and planets spin in the galaxy it is done with out specific thought or intension. A greater force unseen propels it to you.  Just like your heartbeat.  Your heart continues to beat and pulse blood through your system until you die, but how often do you have to think about or make it happen?  Never!  It is a human body technology far greater in known capacity or understanding that we take for granted.  Its automatic.  So why are you constantly running around, trying to get from here to there when there really is no "there" to get to but the present moment?  No pushing, no doing, but awakening to the greater "automatic" impulse of the greater life force that flows and moves through you just like the stars, the sun, and the amazing human body.  Life in unfolding and moving with out you really having to do anything. Just show up now…and now…and now. Its much more peaceful this way.

Where we recommend you place your attention and intension is on the inner constructs of your Soul/Spirit aspect. This too, is automatic. It just is. But it seems that if it’s not in front of you with your eyes to see you forget that this is what whispers to you in the stillness. Be still my friends as this month required great stillness AND action. Action is not the mindless motion we often live in. It is what Yemanya calls “inspirited action” that births motion into movement from the stillness of the inner voice guidance. It wells up from the stillness. Telling you to breath deeper, initiate healing in the mind, body, emotions so you can create a new way of seeing and creating in your world. It tells you to call the real estate agent now, go for a bike ride, or go to the store, where the universe has conspired for you to meet the person you need to meet because you have aligned on the Soul level for that interaction. It will be the perfect timing. Your mind will constantly try to figure out your path but when you allow motion from Soul inspirited action you will gain more rewards than running around trying to make something happing because your mind says “I have to be doing to get” If you hear no inspirited action, than just continue to be still. And for some of you this can be the greatest challenge!!!! Stillness in itself is challenging because we get to watch what the mind creates for us to do. And remember that stillness is action. And when you move from this inner impulse you wont get worn out from all your doing…doing…doing. Keep it simple. Remember it’s hard to hit a moving target. It’s hard to catch a ball if your running past it in your blind, unaware, distracted movement.

One of the action steps we ask you take this month is to learn to be ok with stillness. Give yourself permission to lie on the coach for hours staring at the wall. Build a fire and relax just watching the flames. Watch how your mind freaks out thinking its suppose to doing something. But let me remind you, you ARE doing something, just not in the old way you have been programmed by your society to be. THIS IS THE SHIFT! This is the change that is required now in order for your life to move more fluidly. It is not a push but an allow.

May has many great things in store for you. These past few months have been challenging for many of you… We know. We see. And we love you. We are loving you in your process of awakening which requires the crumbling. As you move through a new threshold of literally dying to your Self these past few month. You will continue to release. You will continue to deprogram and deconstruct, but you will start to see the blooms start to sprout from your hard labor of metamorphosis. From the goo, you will reconstruct. And we ask that you start to implement this strategy of stillness and inspired action so you can imprint this “new way of being” into the energetic constructs of yourself and community. Be a way shower so others can see, sense, feel and live in the new reality. This is your time and May has many great things coming. We are so proud of you for all the transformation and progress you have made. Keep going!! You’ve got this

From the light immersions of love we thank you for listening.

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