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How your "Process" Helps Shift Global Consciousness!

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Dissolve the collective consciousness grids and help humanity shift into the new earth.

Birthing A New Humanity

For those of us that are on the spiritual journey, we’ve become all to familiar with the phrase, “ I am processing” What, exactly, we are processing through may be emotional upset, eliminating negative belief systems or pattern, or the death of a beloved one. This can vary in degrees of time and form. But, everyone of these proposes a “process.” The conception/awareness of the issue, the growth of the feelings of discomfort, and then the birth/release into a new reality of how we view ourselves and how we relate to life.

Process is work. And what exactly are we working towards? Ultimately, it begins with the self. The desire for something better, for something different, for something to change. It becomes an energetic alignment of self as we begin to manifest an internal shift to create motion; motion towards your desired goal. To be happy, to feel free, to embody your power, etc. As we release these old vibrational patterns from our beings, we create room for more light, more love, and more opportunity to be authentically who we are. We uncover ourselves from all the layers that have blocked our light from being fully actualized.

The larger picture of the “process” is one that can have a universal effect by just working on the individual level.

As we shift, we create an energetic ripple effect that touches the larger consciousness grids. The grids that hold our societal norms/belief systems in place. Basically, through our process, we start to unplug. If enough of us unplug from this consciousness force field, it becomes weak and eventually it will fold in on itself and crumble. Much like the game of Janga, where you have a huge tower of blocks you pull the blocks one by one and try to maintain the structure, but eventually with no sold foundation it falls over. At this point in the game, as well as with the consciousness field, we have the opportunity to start over and create something new. A new consciousness around prosperity, a new consciousness around birth, a new consciousness around peace on the planet. The concepts are limitless and infinite, but ultimately we can create a new global reality.

Not only does this magnificent ripple transform the global consciousness grid, but our “process” effect our children as well. As we work along our journey of “process”, we eliminate the stored emotional energetics from our cellular memory. Through scientific research they have shown that energetic imprinting from the mother and the father are passed on to the egg and the sperm even 2 month before conception. The fetus in utero empathically takes on patters through the energetic emotional state of the parents. This is passed through the womb in wave frequencies. During the final birthing phase they pick up another layer of imprinted belief systems and pattern as they move down the birth canal. This encoding I call the ancestral lineage. Some good, some not so good. This is an aspect of what keeps families repeating and living in the same destructive patterns generation after generation. But, now we have the option to stop it.

By doing the “work” we have the opportunity to create a new story. It allows the child to be born more fully in the recognition of their own light because they aren’t being smothered by the ancestral lineage. They are being birthed into the world unencumbered by things that weren’t even theirs in the first place. They get to be their truth and they don’t have to go through the “process”. They get to live their light in a world that has reconstructed its consciousness to a place of abundance, love, and peace.

This is the work. This is why we process. Its all by taking the first steps to set “process” into motion. A desire for change. It begins with the individual but the rewards are immeasurable.

Do the work. Its totally worth it. This is how we create a new reality. This is how we Birth a New Humanity. Are you ready to join me??

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