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NEXT 4 Week ONLINE COURSE- Self Healing BluePrint

NEXT 4 Week ONLINE COURSE- Self Healing BluePrint


A 4 WEEK COURSE- Don't pay a healer, reawaken the healer within.... The New Earth asks that all beings take responsibility for their process and reawaken they natural skills to remain balanced during this transition. Ascension requires your full participation of letting go of the old so that you can embrace the new. Its not an upward journey as some may think, but an inward journey into the heart. This course serves to support your own personal remembrance of power and wisdom of elevated consciousness. A transmission of light coded information will be activated during each class, and group healing work that can help your cells reawaken into their natural state of homeostatic while we bridge these new and higher frequencies of light through our bodies and reconnect to the cosmic codes of Light, Sound, Visualization and Breath. You will be guided by Yemanya through the potent power of each modality and receive experiential practice, concepts, and tools to support you along the way. This will be a month of deep personal inquiry, healing, and education. Be prepared as this is a proven course of radical transformation that strips away old layers and patterns. This is to empower you into your greatness and deeper into the heart of self-care, balance and love as we ascend into the new frequencies of light.


For more information visit the Self Healing Blue Print on this website, under Soul Wisdom Institute 

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