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Light School 101

Self Healing Blue Print

Working with Breath, Light, Sound, and Visualization


Next4 week course begins Sept. 19, 2018 

Yemanya Carey, language of light facilitator, will be hosting a LIVE online 4 week course to teach the fundamental self- healing techniques of cosmic vibration, Light, Sound, Breath, and Visualization can work to clear core issues, past trauma, heal conditions, stabilize emotions and render 5D initiations of cosmic influence. Transmitted to Yemanya through the beings of light back in 2001, the Cosmic Healing Course is a fundamental initiation to self-healing practices that you can use on yourself  and children and/or bring into your own counseling/coaching practice.  

The Course line up-

*Intro- and Reading of “The Remembrance” short story by Yemanya Carey

*Rewrite your story practice

* The foundation of the energetic body, emotions, and clearing.

*The Cosmic body of Light and how it’s interwoven with the universe

*Breath- Pranayama- The breath of spirit and what It does for you,  

Different styles, history, and how to use them

Group breath work session

*Visualization- how and why it works, 

            Biological influence, genetic mutation, influence and power of the mind

How to create your own guided meditation (meet your spirit guides, heal      your body, healing relationships Etc)

Guided visualization facilitated with Yemanya.

*Color, Light and Sound

Degenerative vs. Regenerative Sound

            Vibration the resource of color and light frequencies 

Tuning into the body. Intuitive wisdom and knowledge- giving it a voice

*How to bring it all together with your own intuition.

Now, as the energies are shifting into higher frequencies we must establish the capacity to keep and remained balanced while allowing these frequencies to integrate properly in our bodies. The side effect of imbalance are often more pronounced during these times and express themselves as “ascension symptom” (look up a list of symptoms) Plus many are experiencing a reoccurrence or struggle with addiction and eating disorders, increased depression/anxiety and even psychosis and suicidal thoughts.  Its time that we embrace and harness the power of our own personal healing potential.  We each have our individual journey around healing and this class is to empower you into the depths of your personal embodiment to self heal and be empowered. .  This 4 week intensive is designed to take you through the steps on how to use Breath, Sound, Visualization and Light to clear blocks that hold you back from fully living and being in your joy and fully expressed self.  The material covered will bring you into higher activated aspects and new levels of understanding of these transformational modalities so you can support yourself and others along the journey of personal growth and awakening 


You will be guided by Yemanya through the potent power of each modality and receive experiential practice, concepts, and tools to support you along the way.  This will be a month of deep personal inquiry, healing, and education. Be prepared as this is a proven course of radical transformation that strips away old layers and patterns.  This is to empower you into your greatness and deeper into the heart of self-care, balance and love as we ascend into the new frequencies of light.

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