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Soul Matrix Activation

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Conscious Evolution and the Language of Light

Humanity is shifting.  There is a global call to evolve into higher states of consciousness so we can ground the new era of Aquarius. Light language is used to bypass the ego mind and speak directly to the Soul.  It heals, balances, and activates what it passes through and evolutionary codes awaken to assist the Soul into greater capcity   As the ascension begins to occur en mass, this language is the ‘elevator’ that can help individuals begin to vibrate at a ‘safe rate’ and recalibrate structural energetic so their bodies can integrate and withstand the higher frequencies of light being brought forth.  In essence it is a light technology to improve the process of the body on all level and integrates a spiritual-consciousness connection so a person can evolve into their “highest self.”

Yemanya landed into her unique ability to channel light and Sound back in 2000.  She brings this sacred gift forth to support evolutionary consciousness so we can build the new paradigm.  As a conscious channel of this Star Seed  Language, she becomes like a tuning fork to the specific frequencies of the individual or group before her. She brings through vibrational frequencies specifically attuned to the needs of what is present to produce radical change.


Experience a Light Language


Heart Light Transmission - Yemanya Carey
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The Call to humanity

Live and Express Your Soul Code

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The Language of Light Experience

Explanation and Experience from Yemanya

Yemanya's Signature Work

What is the Soul Matrix Activation

What is the New Human Activation


Soul Matrix 


Yemanya Signature Spiritual Surgery of Conscious Evolution. 

Experience the spiritual alchemy as we align the bodies grid matrix, reawaken divine blue print and encode  New Earth frequencies and Christ Consciousness Grid.



Light Language Session (3)

This is a great first time package for those looking to take the leap into their multidimensional self and personal healing...  These sessions keep the body in tune, aligned, up graded, and balanced.  Work through old issues, clear belief patters and integrate further into your multidimensional self




Light Language

Sat Song

Join the commUnity of conscious evolution with a  monthly teaching that includes healing and light language transmissions to awaken personal and global consciousness.



Nathan Archer/Student

"Yemanya's approach is candid and empowering.  She holds within herself the capacity to intuit my energetic disruptions, and together we have unearthed the existential issues that stand at the root of these disruptions.  Accordingly, her therapeutic practices  have catalyzed within me great physical, mental, emotional and spiritual alignment.  Through deep revealing dialogue, practice, and dedication she has identified within me the strengths of my disposition.  This has allowed me to cultivate my own spiritual prowess so that I am able to realize healings independently.  I continue to learn from Yemanya, and I would highly recommend her care and guidance to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of themselves, of the metaphysical realms, and of being deeply connected to life."
Nathan Archer ,Cambridge MA.

Jake Ducey, Author/Speaker

I came to Yemanya because I had recently completed a book and was looking to get it published, yet self doubt was creeping in because I was only 20 years old, had no agent and have never been published before. As soon as I laid down on Yemanya’s healing-bed and sensed her energy, I felt complete reassurance. Within five minutes I had regained my trust in life. Furthermore, the serenity that flooded my body was so much so that I didn’t want to open my eyes after the two hour session. When I regained awareness, my neck pain, which had been troubling me from extensive writing and negative emotions, was gone.  With each new day, I seem to meet someone who has immense inner value that they are willing to contribute to my life purpose.  My connection to my own greatness is expanding not with each day, but with each breath. The physical manifestations that have been arising have been unexplainable with the human vocabulary, but the internal knowing that has begun to blossom is a gift that I received from working with Yemanya that I can take with me through whatever happens during the rest of my life, and the outcome of my book. The blessing that Yemanya has is something that every person should seize before her schedule is so full that one cannot even reach her!

Jake Ducey, Encinitas Ca.


Mandy Greenlee/Healer

Yemanya is a true healer in the purest sense. In my opinion she is both activating and speaking to the language of our souls. Her presence, and transmission ignite a remembrance of our deepest desires and gifts. She is contacting our soul nature and supporting us to remember who we are on the deepest, purest most light filled and loving level.  My experience with her supported me to step into the next level of sharing my gifts on this planet. I feel more whole, alive and clear about who I am and what I am here to offer this planet.  Her ability to pierce through the veils of illusion of our ego and personality and penetrate directly to our hearts, and our Spirits is what the world needs at this time. She stands so clearly in the truth of who she is, inviting each of us to step into our greatness.  For this reason I say she is a true healer because she reflects to us the deep remembrance of whom we each truly are.  The impact of the session ripples far and wide, from the individual into our communities and to the planet."    
Mandy Greenlee.  Boulder Co.