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about yemanya

Passionate About Inspiring Others
My story:

People always ask, "How did you learn this? Where you born with this?  And the answer is YES....AND.   I laugh because its not something I really got into, but something that awakened in me and became the authentic expression of my passion and purpose.  As a child I had sensitivities and experiences and just divine knowing about things. If you ask my mom, “She says "I've always been this way.”  But I had to climb my way out of the muck to rediscover what was already there.

I have always wanted to be a teacher, with a passion for children, and a desire to help humanity find peace.  Different religions and philosophies and this feeling of unseen greater presence always intrigued me.  But over time, since I didn’t have anyone to really explain or guide me through my psychic experiences and sensitivities, it became overwhelming and I turned to drugs and alcohol to “make it go away” After a near death experience at 23, I had my wake up call to turn my life down a different path.  With in a year I had amazing spiritual teachers start showing up, and I spent 2 - 4 hours a day in meditation to “heal” myself.  It was during this intense year of a lot of crying (dark night of the Soul), I started to recreate my connection to the universe and myself and I was reawakened to the keys, wisdom, and information that was stored inside me.  This is when I began to channel light language and I had amazing Light Beings and Teachers of the Light who showed me the intricate and vast nature of the universe.  They showed me how to balance the heart and the mind and a multi-versed conception of reality and how I get to play with in it.  They showed me new and ancient technologies to assist healing and energetic upgrades through breath, light, sound, sacred geometry, past lives, visualization, and movement  Whew, it was quite a ride. 

So I set off to train in 16 healing modalities, 8 massage modalities, and various different philosophies and religions to help me understand all the information I had received that year.  I gained a wide tool belt but still really no answers. Ultimately I grew into the realization that my own unique gifts, and how they come through, are what I am supposed to offer to others.  It is my Art.  Today, I say “Use me as Thy Instrument” and as I move by guidance my life is ever in Joy.  I am here to offer and be of Service to the greater collective of this planet and the larger collective mind of the cosmic universe.

The official Bio

Yemanya Carey (Evolutionary Change Agent) is an international speaker, workshop facilitator, master healer, and activist.  She is the founder of Birthing A New Humanity. Her experience has been working in the field of Education, Health, and Wellness for over 22 years. She studied Elementary/Early Childhood Education and Theater Arts at the University of Arizona.
In 1999 she had a life altering experience that lead her to train under Master Teachers, Shamans and Healers from around the world in variety of modalities, practices, and philosophies. She has since created her own “art of healing” through the guidance of her intuition by channeling light language, using visualization, and energy movement, to produce  results that work down into the DNA and cellular level.  She is a master healer and teacher of energy mechanics for adults and children from around the world.

Often referred to as a Mystic or Shaman, she has been honored to facilitiate at events among other dynamic visionary leaders and wisdom keepers that include Don Miguel Ruiz, Foster Gambel, Hunbatz Men, Patricia Cota-Robles, Nicki Scully, Lama Lhanang Runpoche, and Chief Yagbe Awolowo Onilu.

Her purpose and mission is to support people in the awakening process and into the deeper resources of the heart so we can create the new structures that are calling us forth.  Now is the time to remove the old way of being and step more authentically into who we REALLY are; limitless and joyful, being guided by source, and surrendering to the passion of our divine purpose

Yemanya is dedicated to helping individuals align to their true infinite nature and guiding them into the new paradigm of Unity Consciousness.  She believes that when we live in alignment with the divine blue print of why we are here, we move in ultimate freedom and in complete harmony with creation.  This is one of the keys to bringing peace to the planet.  Yemanya is supporting adults and children back to their original essence of divine light so we can “Birth A New Humanity”

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