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These Are Our Children

An article about recognizing and acknowledging  the brilliant children that are being born to the planet for our conscious awakening.

These Are Our Children-

They come to us with an inherent knowing, an undeniable wisdom far beyond their years, still basking in the glow of universal knowledge and filled with the light of God’s love. They gaze at us with their deep penetrating eyes and try to reveal the secrets of the beginning time.

Cherish them. These are our children.

They remember the sweet gentle love of the Other Side and they hold within themselves a vision of a perfect world, an eternal knowing of what our world can be. Day by day, year by year, the limitations and realities of earth-life cloud their knowing and diminish their hope of perfection. Yet, there is always a faint light in the shadows; a spark of remembrance that fuels the fire beneath them.

Nurture them. These are our children.

They hear of warfare, poverty, debilitating hunger, rampant disease, global warming. They learn of murder and mayhem,

hatred and bigotry. They know their own schools and playgrounds are becoming killing fields. They experience injustice and inhumanity. There is a huge dissonance between the world they see and their internal remembering of perfection and divine love. Many are looked upon as unhappy, angry and depressed. They feel deeply the effects of our world. Their heightened awareness and sensitivity leaves them more susceptible to emotional consequences.

Comfort them. These are our children.

They are intuitive, creative and full of energy, but are all too often

not honored for their uniqueness. They think outside the box. They

press the limits of traditional thought forms and sadly are met with labels like learning disabled, hyperactive, attention-deficient, obsessive compulsive and personality disorder. They are thrown into special education classes, shuttled from councilors to therapist, and medicated with drugs.

Empower them. These are our children.

In 2001 it was estimated that more than six million American children take psychotropic medications for ADHD, depression and other psychological maladies. These include Ritalin, Dexedrine, Cylert, Tofranil, Norpamin, Prozac and Paxil. Most of which had never been tested on children. The largest growing age group is 2-4 year olds. As of 2012, 1-20 (2.6 million) children are diagnosed with anxiety and depression, 6.4 million children had been diagnoses with ADHD, and 1 and 57 children (1-37 in boys) were diagnosed with Autism. The CDC reports a five-fold increase in the number of children under 18 on psycho stimulants from 1988-1994 to 2007–2010.

Listen to them. These are our children.

They are confused and bewildered. Why don’t people understand? Why do we feel “strange” and “different” when it is really the rest of the world that is so out of tune with the harmony of creation? They have a divine sense of purpose. They are here to push the boundaries of all fear based structures and move us out of the old paradigm. They have a warrior spirit and an inability to conform. They are here to help transform our political, social and educational systems.

Inspire them. These are our children.

They have been termed Indigo children, Star Seeds, Psychic

Ones, and the list goes on. All they want is for us to step away from the labels and honor them for the divine beings they are, not judge them according to who society dictates they are “supposed” to be. They have come to show us the way. They are an extraordinary and ever-growing circle of wise

and wondrous souls. They are the bridge back to peace, perfection

and divine balance. They are God’s gift to ever-expanding

world consciousness.

Embrace them because


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