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Reclaiming the Wild Woman

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

The remembrance of our Divine Feminine Energy!!

Here I am, the wild women!!

The one who lives by her own standards, who thinks outside the box, who doesn’t always play by the rules, not to be difficult, because she see’s a better way. A way that makes her happy and allows a joy to radiates from her fullness and being. People are attracted to it and repulsed by it, scared of it, or glorify it. She is one who is lead by spirit, not by cultural standards or expectations. She is the freedom seeker, spirit wielder, system buster, and one who is exposes the truth.

And yet, in the heros journey, the wild women may come to a point where she makes herself small, contained and silent, as she is told she is “Too Much,” and “Your Crazy,” like hot knives she feels the judgment of family, friends, and society for not doing it “their” way… “The right way.”

Over time, the energetic and vocal dagger of being told she is wrong and bad for being herself, for being the Wild Women, takes her down into the throws of her own personal torture, of her own personal hell, because the very spirit that guided her and gilded her wild ways becomes squashed into the box; the very box that she was trying to lead you out of. She becomes silent, muted, and buried. But believe me, she never goes away, but simmers and sings under the surface. Her little nudges of wildness that want to spring out, aching and crying as the spirit slowly dwindles. The joy of life is pulled from her body, as she moves through the motions of life, not really LIVING.

And then at the crucial moment, she cracks open, and oozes her love back into your breath, back into your spirit, soul, and psyche, and she activate into the Remembrance. The Remembrance of the wisdom keeper, the remembrance of the love, freedom and joy. And she says “NO MORE!” No more playing small, no more hiding who I am, no more playing the game that is killing my spirit.

She reaches and stretches, uncoils and explodes out of the box, pulling off the many layers that had consumed her. Piece by piece she gently analyses them, then lays them aside to become the ashes of a life she is no longer willing to live or be defined by. She reclaims the Self, above the mind, and back into the heart, She reclaims the Self of the game changer, the new blueprint builder, the new systems designer, the divine creatirix of creative genius.

And we ask you to Remember... Remember that she is strong as much as sensitive, that she is safe even if she pushes the boundaries, that she is the shower of truth, not to hurt you but to love you, and that she desires strength around her so that she can soften and allow the flow of the universe to guide us all. She is a pathway to your own truth, your own wisdom, and your own personal sovereignty. She is the light, she is the beacon, she is love… that beautiful wild women, be! The call to all......ENTER THE REMEMBRANCE!!!

Love, Yemanya

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